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Hitting The Mattresses

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FBI Report - Ephron

Hitting The Mattresses

Don't look now, but it's another twofer special at The Smoking Gun:

a) With director Nora Ephron's "You've Got Mail" opening Friday, we decided to post this funny FBI report mentioning another film penned by Ephron. FYI: Russo did not accept Agent Favo's offer to join Ambrosino in "My Blue Heaven." He apparently preferred his own Brooklyn barber. (1 page)

b) You've got to marvel at the deceptive methods one Los Angeles bedding firm used to sell Simmons mattresses. These excerpts from a "sales training manual" were recently filed in L.A. Superior Court by a former worker suing for unlawful dismissal. Who knew there were so many ways to close a mattress deal? (4 pages)