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Holy Mug Shots, Batman!

Quirky couples, power trios top this week's booking photo roundup

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Holy Mug Shots, Batman!

MAY 9--This end-of-the-week mug shot roundup features several pairs (and troikas) of related photos, including the power trio of guitar heroes on page #2.

As for the other booking photos, here are a few notes: 1) The 18-year-old on page #3 is the first perp we've seen wearing a fashionable headband; 2) As for the 47-year-old defendant on page #6, that's her front and back; 3) While they seem to be wearing salon smocks, the busted--and unrelated--women on page #8 are not awaiting a coloring or champagne rinse; and 4) The Sideshow Bob look-alike on page #19, who has been arrested three times over the past 15 months, unveiled a new look when nabbed in March (and he still had the distinctive 'do when popped again on April 22 in Tampa, Florida). (21 pages)