Homegrown Pot Pics Develop Into Bust

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Homegrown Pot Pics Develop Into Bust

UNBRIDLED: Melissa Rivers back on market.

JUNE 23--If David Koslosky owned a digital camera, he might not be facing jail time. After the 44-year-old Vermont man dropped off film for one-hour processing at a local pharmacy, employees called the cops because his developed pictures included portraits of a bumper crop of marijuana plants. When police visited Koslosky's apartment, they found 30 pot plants, which Koslosky initially claimed were the property of his 13-year-old stepson. Koslosky subsequently admitted that the stash was his, not the kid's, and that he had planned to submit some of the photos to "High Times," which runs pictures of similar home-grown success stories. Koslosky pleaded not guilty last week to felony marijuana cultivation and possession counts. He is also facing unrelated charges in connection with his alleged sale of liquid methadone to a police informant. (4 pages)

POTPOURRI: All hail the best doggone pot bust ever.