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The Invasion Of Paris

Heiress Hilton sues web site stocked with her personal belongings

Paris Hilton smoking tampon

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The Invasion Of Paris

JANUARY 30--Seeking to stop what she terms "one of the single most egregious and reprehensible invasions of privacy ever committed against an individual," Paris Hilton has filed a lawsuit against the entrepreneurs who are offering a glimpse at the heiress's home videos, medical records, and other possessions.

Hilton, 25, yesterday filed a federal complaint in Los Angeles against the individuals responsible for, a new web site offering an online tour of Hilton's belongings. An excerpt of Hilton's U.S. District Court complaint can be found here.

According to Hilton, her property came into the possession of Nabil and Nabila Haniss after a Culver City storage facility sold off the material (for approximately $2775) in the face of an overdue bill. After realizing that they were in possession of Hilton's belongings, the complaint alleges, the Hanisses sold the items to Bardia Persa for $10 million.

Persa, Hilton charges, then used the material to launch the web site, which, for $39.97 monthly, provides visitors with X-rated Hilton videos and photos, as well as images of her passport, driver's license, and pharmacy records. In the above photo from the site, the "Simple Life" star is apparently seen smoking a tampon.

Hilton, who is described in the complaint as "one of the most widely-recognized celebrities in the world," charges that the web site, among other things, invades her privacy and violates copyright laws. Along with the return of her goods, Hilton is seeking a temporary restraining order against the web site as well as unspecified punitive and compensatory damages. (8 pages)