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Jailers Snatch Heroin Dealer

Florida prisoner busted selling drugs stashed in her vagina

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Jailers Snatch Heroin Dealer

JUNE 1--Meet Katrina Wade.

After the Florida woman, 37, was arrested last month for drug trafficking, an acquaintance told cops that Wade was hiding up to 100 baggies of heroin inside her vagina. However, after a strip search failed to turn up any contraband--and a 'body cavity search was denied by the jail'--Wade allegedly continued dealing behind bars, trading nickel bags fished from her vagina for commissary items like deodorant, hair grease, and a radio.

Wade's jailhouse dealing ended last Wednesday, after four fellow Charlotte County inmates told investigators about her scheme. When confronted by investigators--who said they were prepared to examine Wade with an ultrasound device--the inmate 'admitted that she did have heroin in her vagina,' according to this probable cause affidavit. With a blanket covering the lower part of her body, Wade then removed a 'clear plastic bag that contained 12 small green plastic bags' of heroin. Wade admitted that she 'had more originally, but used some herself along with her co-defendants while in the holding cell.'

Wade, who claimed that she turned over the smack to clear her conscience, was charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor for the jailhouse racket, according to a booking form. (5 pages)