JonBenet Ramsey Michigan Search Warrant

Investigators sought handwriting samples from Patsy Ramsey

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JonBenet Ramsey: The Michigan Search Warrant

Two months after they first searched the Charlevoix, Michigan vacation home of the family of JonBenet Ramsey, investigators returned in March 1997 looking for handwriting samples from Patsy Ramsey, mother of the murdered 6-year-old Colorado girl. Since most of the affidavit in support of this search warrant is duplicative of other Ramsey case documents available on The Smoking Gun, we have chosen to post only the pages dealing with handwriting exemplars. The last page is a hard-to-read inventory of items taken from the home, which included recipe cards, legal pads, and a photo album. Please note that redactions in the document were made by the Michigan judge who released the search warrant. (7 pages)

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