Kill My Wife, Please

Cops carry out staged murder-for-hire, sting dogged Florida inmate

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Kill My Wife, Please

AUGUST 15--The below photo of a female murder victim--snapped by a Florida sheriff's investigator--is not what it appears to be.

For the second time in nine months, the woman's former husband, Christopher Hoar, a 56-year-old carpenter, has been charged with soliciting her murder from his jail cell (he was originally locked up last October for threatening her with a gun).

According to Martin County sheriff's investigators, a prison snitch reported last month that Hoar again was seeking to have his ex-wife Marcia whacked. With the source's assistance, an undercover cop met with Hoar on August 6 and agreed to handle the killing in exchange for the inmate's 2000 Toyota and $10,000. The helpful Hoar even prepared a map of his wife's Jensen Beach home and a bill of sale for the auto (which was being turned over for "services rendered" by the supposed hit man).

To convince Hoar that the murder was carried out, Marcia agreed to pose for photos "in which she would be depicted as dead." After preparing some fake blood, Sgt. John Silvas "placed Mrs. Hoar on the floor by the front door" and put the blood near her head to give the impression that "she suffered a gunshot wound to the head," according to an arrest affidavit.

The photos of the staged murder scene were then given to the snitch, who showed them to a "very happy" Hoar, who remarked that he had the "best alibi" due to his imprisonment.

Hoar was charged Friday with solicitation to commit first degree murder, a charge with which he is familiar, having been hit with the same count last November. If convicted of the various felonies, Hoar (who is pictured in the above mug shot) could spend decades as a Sunshine State ward. (6 pages)