Kiss Army Member Felled

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Kiss Army Member Felled

Patent No. 6168609

Patent No. 6155824

Ever since our pal Fred got puked on (from an upper deck, no less) at a U2 concert a few years back, TSG has been particularly wary of flying objects at concerts. So we feel for Carly Miller, who claims she was injured during a Kiss show in Michigan. As this excerpt from Miller's Circuit Court complaint shows, guitarist Paul Stanley's antics struck a sour note. Not unlike Don Henley, Kenny Rogers, and David Hasselhoff. (3 pages)

Just in case this isn't "IT," perhaps Dean Kamen's top secret invention is either patent no. 6168609 (issued to him 1/2/01) or no. 6155824 (issued 12/5/00). They both seem, um, revolutionary.

As he goes on trial, our prayers are with Puffy.