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Limbaugh Medical Records Opened To Prosecutors

Rush Limbaugh

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Limbaugh Medical Records Opened To Prosecutors

DECEMBER 23--A Florida judge today ruled that Palm Beach prosecutors can examine Rush Limbaugh's medical records, which were seized last month from several doctors who have treated the radio host.

In late-November, investigators used search warrants to gather the material from a trio of doctors who had previously prescribed painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs to the 52-year-old Limbaugh. According to search warrant affidavits, law enforcement officials are investigating whether Limbaugh engaged in "doctor shopping" in an illegal bid to obtain a continuing supply of powerful drugs like OxyContin, Hydrocodone, and Xanax.

In today's ruling, which you'll find here, Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Winikoff gave prosecutors the green light to peruse Limbaugh's medical records "for the purpose of conducting a criminal investigation."

The documents, which have been maintained under seal since they were seized November 25, will be for law enforcement's eyes only, since Winikoff ruled that the records will remain sealed to the general public. (5 pages)