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The Many Moods Of A Mug Shot

Triptych kicks off first mug roundup of the new decade

mug shot roundup

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The Many Moods Of A Mug Shot

JANUARY 8--The first mug shot roundup of 2010 kicks off with a 28-year-old Florida construction worker who, after an obstruction arrest, really put out during his photo shoot with the sheriff.

A few other notes about this week's suspects: 1) Busted for drunk driving a day after his 35th birthday, the gent on page #4 shows that pit bulls and Glocks remain a man's best friends; 2) The Texan, 65, on page #15 is facing cruelty to animals charges for poisoning an ex-girlfriend's dogs. He allegedly put insecticide, rodent poison, and antifreeze in food items consumed by the woman's dogs, Daisy and Skipper; and 3) The ink handguns on page #16 are the property of an 18-year-old Floridian who was nabbed for drunk driving, battery, and alcohol possession by a minor. (16 pages)