Victim Bloodied In Subway Defenestration

Man shoved fight opponent through window

JUNE 17--A fight between two male patrons at a Subway in Maryland ended early Saturday morning when one of the combatants shoved his opponent through the restaurant’s window, a bloody defenestration caught on tape by other customers.

According to the Baltimore County Police Department, officers on foot patrol arrived at the Towson eatery around 1:50 AM as two men were battling inside.

But before cops could break up the fight, Jonathan Tyler Pugh, 26, pushed his opponent out the window. The glass shattered after “the men hit a table that subsequently hit the window, breaking it,” police reported.

As seen in the above expletive-filled video, the unidentified victim was covered in blood when he hit the pavement.

Pugh, seen at right, was charged with disorderly conduct, destruction of property, and disturbing the peace. After being booked into jail--where he posed for the adjacent mug shot--Pugh was released from custody on his own recognizance.

Investigators described the victim as “uncooperative,” adding that he left the scene “before his identity could be verified.” Pugh and his opponent each suffered minor injuries during the scrap, though both declined transport to a medical facility for treatment.

Police say they are continuing to investigate the brawl and “additional charges may be pending against one or both men.”