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Masked Men (And Women)

You never know what germs are lurking on those prison bars

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Masked Men (And Women)

MAY 1--Pandemically speaking, you may want to consider bathing in Purell before viewing this week's mug shot roundup, which kicks off with an assortment of masked men and women.

As for the other suspects, a few notes: 1) The 31-year-old guy whose stomach is featured on page #4 was busted Wednesday; 2) The gentleman, 38, on page #9 was nabbed Tuesday in Georgia for violating parole; 3) Arrested Wednesday for driving with an invalid license, the 37-year-old woman on page #10 will not stand for any bullshit; and 4) Like 'womyn,' that alternative spelling on the tattooed perp on page #12 (who was arrested last Friday for misdemeanor theft) is apparently some kind of feminist statement. (14 pages)