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McGriddle Attacker Still At Large

Peoria perp pelted McDonald's worker over breakfast sandwich snafu

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McGriddle Attacker Still At Large

MARCH 16--The Peoria Pelter remains on the loose.

A week after a McDonald's employee was assaulted with a 'hot greasy McGriddle sandwich,' Illinois cops have yet to make an arrest.

According to a Peoria Police Department report, Patricia Munguia, 38, was hit in the face by a McGriddle thrown by a drive-thru customer angered that his sandwich did not include an egg. As reported by Officer Anthony Allen, though Munguia was 'physically assaulted by a breakfast sandwich,' she declined 'medical attention for the assault by the sausage sandwich.'

Munguia provided cops with what she believed was the license plate of the sandwich tosser (who she described as a regular customer), but the tag 'came back no record on file.' If the police report is any indication, it does not seem that Peoria cops are aggressively pursuing the fast food flinger, who is described as a six-foot tall black male weighing 230 pounds. Officer Allen advised Munguia to call cops 'if the suspect comes back to assault her again with breakfast food.' (2 pages)