Michigan Pair Blows Robbery Attempt

Armed duo interrupted clothing store heist to engage in sex act

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Michigan Pair Blows Robbery Attempt

AUGUST 30--Meet Chelsea Carr and Mark McIntosh.

The Michigan couple (she's 17, he's 34) is facing felony charges for their alleged armed robbery of a second-hand clothing store. While the August 6 stickup of the Underground Clothing store didn't net much beyond $60, garments, and video games, the crime was remarkable nonetheless, according to an Ann Arbor Police Department report, a copy of which you'll find here.

Seems that during the holdup, McIntosh requested that his cohort Carr provide him with some mid-robbery oral relief. While receiving the sexual favor, McIntosh allegedly leveled a gun at store clerk Charles Cheeks, who told cops that McIntosh had told Carr that there was "only one thing that can stop him from" shooting Cheeks.

At that point, Cheeks recalled, McIntosh pulled down his pants and was serviced by Carr.

In a police interview, Carr acknowledged performing the sex act, adding that McIntosh told her, "the nigger's gonna get his chitlins knocked out of him" if she didn't service him. Carr claimed that McIntosh was carrying a "very large black rock," not a gun, during the robbery.

Carr and McIntosh, who posed for mug shots taken by Ann Arbor cops, were booked into the Washtenaw County lockup, where the pair still resides. In addition to the robbery count, McIntosh is facing a gross indecency rap for exposing himself in public. (10 pages)