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Mike Tyson Is Broke

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Mike Tyson Is Broke

Tyson Affidavit

AUGUST 4--Despite earning hundreds of millions during his boxing career, Mike Tyson has filed for bankruptcy, claiming that he is "unable to pay my bills," which total about $27 million, according to federal court records.

Along with his personal case, the 37-year-old athlete also filed an August 1 bankruptcy petition for his company, Mike Tyson Enterprises. Noting that, "I have been in financial distress since 1998," Tyson and his firm each list dozens of creditors, a group topped by the Internal Revenue Service, whom the boxer owes $13.3 million.

The fighter, who has hired a "restructuring and turnaround manager" to help him deal with his financial woes, also listed debts that reflect his lavish lifestyle: a limousine company ($308,749); a Las Vegas jeweler ($173,706); a New York rug store ($78,000); Ferrari of Beverly Hills ($60,603); and a Hawaiian resort ($30,000).

And while amounts are not specified, creditor matrixes filed in both cases list ex-wife Robin Givens, her mother Ruth Roper, various lawyers, doctors, and managers, several tax agencies, and an Ohio gas company as also being owed money.

Here you'll find a list of Tyson's largest personal creditors and his corporate creditors.

In a sworn affidavit accompanying both bankruptcy petitions, Tyson states that his "tangible assets" include two Las Vegas residences, cars, and other property. He adds that his "intangible assets" include litigation claims against promoter Don King, Showtime, and other defendants.

But he is also being sued for $20 million by Lennox Lewis, the heavyweight champion, who claims that Tyson breached an agreement to fight him a second time. Tyson's affidavit also includes a brief biographical history, which notes that he was "convicted of the July 19, 1991, alleged rape of a beauty pageant contestant." (9 pages)