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Mug Shot Trick-tych

Trio of Southern gents kicks off booking photo roundup

mug shot roundup

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Mug Shot Trick-tych

JUNE 25--The three gentlemen who kick off this week's mug shot roundup were nabbed yesterday in a prostitution sweep in Georgia. They were not customers.

As for the other suspects, some notes: 1) The 70-year-old South Carolina man on page #4 was arrested Monday on a probation violation; 2) Popped last Friday for pot possession, the 22-year-old Floridian on page #7 showed off the cosmetics inked on her wrists; 3) The Texan, 22, on page #9 was collared Tuesday for making a false report to police. The Snooki-like hairdo is working for her; and 4) That appears to be a family tree, of sorts, on the lower back of the Florida woman on page #11 (she was busted last Friday, her 39th birthday, for battery and assault). Hopefully Sunshine and/or Boo Boo weren't the ones allegedly roughed up. (14 pages)