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Mug Shots? You Betcha!

Finally. Sarah Palin's name turns up in mug shot roundup

mug shot roundup

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Mug Shots? You Betcha!

FEBRUARY 5--Just when it seemed like only Barack Obama supporters got arrested wearing t-shirts with his name and likeness, Florida cops collared the gentleman who kicks off this week's mug shot package. The GOP fan, 50, posed for a booking photo last Saturday in connection with a domestic battery charge.

As for the remaining suspects, three notes: 1) The Florida woman, 25, on page #12 was busted for uttering a forged instrument and driving with a suspended or revoked license; 2) The 24-year-old man on page #14 posed yesterday for Idaho jailers; and 3) As for the football fans on page #15, Colts 42, Saints 34. (15 pages)