DOCUMENT: Roundups

Mug Trek 2009

Booking photo roundup boldly goes where no man wants to go

May 15--Our weekly mug shot roundup kicks off with a 23-year old arrestee whose liberal use of guyliner puts Pete Wentz to shame.

As for the other suspects, a few notes: 1) The 24-year-old Idaho woman on page #3 was arrested twice this week. She was clearly in a fine mood on Monday when booked on a failure to appear charge, but not so much on Tuesday when popped for allegedly driving under the influence; 2) It's highly illogical to think the 25-year-old Texan on page #4 didn't know he'd get nabbed for DWI if he got behind the wheel after drinking; 3) The 33-year-old Louisiana woman on page #6 was arrested on Wednesday for arson after she admitted to cops she set a car on fire. And no, the vehicle didn't belong to her hairdresser; and 4) It's hard to understand why anyone would dislike the 29-year old California woman on page #12--at least once you get by the whole felony receiving stolen property thing. (15 pages)