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Nuts For Mug Shots

Quartet of arrestees anticipating a tough time in the can?

mug shot roundup

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Nuts For Mug Shots

SEPTEMBER 4--This week's mug shot roundup begins with a quartet of gents who each carry an identical message about the importance of protecting one's nuts.

As for the other suspects, a few notes of clarification: 1) The Georgia high school football fans on page #5 were nabbed last Friday for underage drinking; 2) The 30-year-old butterfly enthusiast on page #8 was popped last Saturday in Florida for aggravated assault and battery; 3) The 37-year-old Floridian on page #11 was apparently so impressed by a prior court case that he memorialized the caption ("State -vs- Brittt") on his left leg; 4) The arrestees on page #13 were collared a day apart this week in California and Florida. They apparently have never dated; and 5) Even if the 28-year-old Arizona man on page #14 did not request it, you'd probably stare anyway. (14 pages)