Ohioan Hunted For Waffle House Beatdown

Suspect, 26, filmed as he pummeled female victim

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Waffle House Beating

JANUARY 5--An Ohio man who was recorded pummeling a woman during a 3 AM melee at a Waffle House is on the lam as cops seek to arrest him on an assault complaint, court records show.

During a wild December 26 brawl at a Waffle House in Lima, Decorion Dawson, 26, landed a series of haymakers on Amelya Upthegrove, who was also thrown to the eatery's floor by Dawson.

In a court affidavit, Upthegrove said that Dawson “started punching me and threw me on the ground and start hitting me again.” Upthegrove said when she stood up, Dawson “continued punching me and threw me against the window.”

The above video, recorded by a Waffle House patron, shows Dawson--wearing a red and black Chicago Bulls jacket--battering Upthegrove. In her affidavit, Upthegrove said that she was trying to pull her friend Shaquayla Johnson away from a fight when Dawson pounced.

Dawson has been named in a Municipal Court complaint charging him with misdemeanor assault.

The new case comes less than two months after Dawson (seen above) was charged with two felony counts of aggravated robbery with a firearm. His rap sheet includes prior arrests for marijuana possession, carrying a concealed weapon, public intoxication, and underage driving. (2 pages)