O.J. Accuser Arrested

Sports memorabilia dealer jailed in Las Vegas for probation violation

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O.J. Accuser Arrested

SEPTEMBER 19--One of the sports memorabilia dealers who O.J. Simpson and his cohorts allegedly robbed at gunpoint was arrested today for a probation violation.

While details of Alfred Beardsley's violation have not been disclosed, the California warrant may be connected to a 2004 felony stalking conviction in Riverside County.

Here you'll find a pair of mug shots taken following the 45-year-old Beardsley's arrest in that matter. The picture on the left is from the Riverside County Sheriff's Office and the one on the right is courtesy of the California Department of Corrections.

State records indicate that Beardsley was sentenced to two years in prison in the stalking case. He posed for the bottom mug shot when booked into the Clark County Detention Center for the parole violation. (1 page)