Portland Hater Nabbed For Pleasure Session

Accused perv offers up unique excuse

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Portland Hate

MAY 12--An Oregon man who was arrested for “masturbating vigorously” in public told police that he engaged in the lewd display because he “fucking hates Portland” and wanted to return to jail.

Terry Lee Andreassen, 59, was collared earlier this month after several witnesses reported that he was pleasuring himself on the sidewalk outside a social services agency in the state’s largest city.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Andreassen’s “erect penis was exposed to the public while he masturbated vigorously.”

In response to a patrolman’s question about why he was masturbating in public, Andreassen reportedly replied that he was using methamphetamine and wanted to get locked up because he “fucking hates Portland.”

Andreassen, seen above, was arraigned today on an indictment charging him with felony public indecency. Locked up in the county jail, Andreassen is next due in court on June 23.

Andreassen’s rap sheet, court records show, includes convictions for public indecency, theft, assault, and passing bad checks. (2 pages)