Pimping Ain't Easy

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Pimping Ain't Easy

Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, who once kept Charlie Sheen's cupboard stocked with whores, didn't save anything for a rainy day. Fleiss filed for bankruptcy in Los Angeles on October 20, listing debts of nearly $300,000 and claiming her only assets are some clothing, watches, and jewelry (total value: $5200). In a listing of her monthly expenses, Fleiss, founder of the HeidiWear clothing line, budgets $300 for laundry and dry cleaning--more than fellow deadbeats Gary Coleman ($200) and pop singer Toni Braxton ($0).

Other highlights from Heidi's Chapter 11 petition:

Page 1: Fleiss's income: A whole lotta zeros.

Page 2: Her monthly expenses.

Pages 3-7: Who Heidi stiffed.

Speaking of pimps, remember Sydney Biddle Barrows?