Profile Of A Memphis Belle

Tennessee drunk driving bust yields one very special mug shot

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Profile Of A Memphis Belle

MARCH 12--Meet Anna Clifford. The Tennessee woman, 25, was arrested early this morning on a drunk driving rap. According to Memphis cops, Clifford was weaving across the road in a 2000 Chevy when she was pulled over at around 2:30 AM. A subsequent Breathalyzer test showed her blood alcohol content to be .10, above the state maximum of .08. Nothing special there. But the bust of Clifford, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, is notable for the view she afforded Shelby County sheriff's deputies when posing for the profile portion of her mug shot. To see that amazing photo, click here or on the image below. And, yes, we're assuming Clifford (who told police her occupation is 'spammer') drives with the sunroof open. (2 pages)

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