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Saboteur Disposal System

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Saboteur Disposal System

Reno Airport Bust

Coupla things:

1) With George W. Bush proposing to create secret courts to prosecute accused terrorists (military officers would act as judge and jury), here's a look back at the last time the U.S. government empaneled such a tribunal. In June 1942, the FBI nabbed eight Nazi saboteurs who had slipped into the country in a bid to disrupt defense-related production facilities. Six of the Germans were executed following a trial held in the Department of Justice's headquarters (the other two were sentenced to lengthy prison terms). As this memo to President Franklin D. Roosevelt shows, the disposal of the Nazi corpses was actually once a state secret. On page three you'll find mug shots of the dead guys. (3 pages)

2) Perhaps she'll blame it on post-traumatic stress disorder, but security guard Cheryl Shears was just popped for one doozy of a hoax at the Reno, Nevada airport. Here's the FBI affidavit describing the 45-year-old woman's meltdown. (2 pages)