Santa Wannabe Gets Legal Smackdown

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Santa Wannabe Gets Legal Smackdown

Robert William Handley, a 53-year-old Ohio man, has a rotund frame, white beard, long white hair, and rimmed lasses. He's also said to be quite jolly. But a local judge recently rejected Handley's request to legally change his name to Santa Robert Claus, according to these documents filed in Franklin County's probate court. In his name change application, Handley wrote,"I don't want people to say you look like Santa, I want to be Santa." In denying Handley's request, Judge Lawrence Belskis noted that since the petitioner would not live forever, if he granted the change, there would be a day when a Santa Claus obituary was published. And, Belskis decided, that might be too much for Ohio's fragile kids to handle. Hey, Santa:try this or this. (7 pages)

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