Searching for Wood, Guy Gets Assaulted

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Searching for Wood, Guy Gets Assaulted

Meet Latarsa White.

Prosecutors are now deciding whether to charge the Florida woman in connection with the bizarre assault last month of 79-year-old William Johnson.

According to TSG interviews and this account provided to Citrus County Sheriff's deputies, Johnson claimed White had promised him some sex for $20. But when the ancient John was "unable to perform," White--who has done time for burglary and cocaine possession--allegedly whacked him over the head with a 2x4.

After warning the pensioner she would then "beat his ass," White allegedly snatched Johnson's wallet and drove away in his 1998 Chevy van (which Johnson had driven into the woods off Highway 41 for the paid assignation). Johnson told cops that White was an acquaintance from a church soup kitchen in Inverness. (3 pages)