Shame Of The Madoff Name

Swindler's embarrassed daughter-in-law seeks a change

Bernard Madoff

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Shame Of The Madoff Name

FEBRUARY 25--Shamed by her swindling kin's surname, a daughter-in-law of Bernard Madoff is seeking court permission to change her last name.

In a New York State Supreme Court petition, a copy of which you'll find here, Stephanie Madoff notes that she wants to change her last name to Morgan to 'avoid additional embarrassment, harassment and endangerment associated with the name 'Madoff.''

In her February 24 court filing, Madoff, who is married to the Ponzi schemer's son Mark, adds that her father-in-law 'was recently featured prominently in the news for defrauding numerous investors in his companies.'

After the financier's arrest, Stephanie Madoff reported, she was 'notified of certain death and other threats made against' Madoff family members. 'Though the threats were deemed unfounded, your petitioner fears for her safety and the safety of her children.' Similar name change petitions were filed on behalf of her two young children. (4 pages)