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Slanderous Kook: I'm a Slander Victim

Man sues Obama, Dems over response to his tawdry sex-and-drugs tale

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Slanderous Kook: I'm a Slander Victim

FEBRUARY 14--Ratcheting up the crazy, the Minnesota man who last month posted a YouTube video in which he claimed to have engaged in a sex-and-drugs party with Senator Barack Obama has filed a federal lawsuit against the presidential candidate and the Democratic party, charging that he is being subjected to a vicious slander campaign.

Larry Sinclair contends that he has been unfairly targeted after surfacing last month with claims (entirely unsubstantiated, of course) that he 'personally engaged in sexual activity and personally used illegal drugs in November 1999' with Obama, then an Illinois state representative.

In his video, Sinclair claims that he met Obama at an 'upscale lounge in Chicago,' where they knocked back some drinks before continuing the party in Sinclair's limo (where the sex and drugs part of the story supposedly transpired). In his U.S. District Court complaint, a copy of which you'll find here, Sinclair seeks a court order directing the Democratic National Committee to cease making 'smear and slanderous claims' about him.

Sinclair, who is serving as his own lawyer, charges in the February 11 lawsuit that his civil rights have been violated by the politician and his party. Sinclair, pictured in the above video screen grab, did not return a message left on his answering machine. (3 pages)