A Snail Mail Salute

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A Snail Mail Salute

Audie Murphy Military Records

As long as some crazed mail sorter isn't putting a cap in our ass, well, we've got no beef with the U.S. Postal Service. In fact, here's a TSG stamp of approval:

1) No wonder our mash note to Oprah never arrived! Seems that Larry Mack, a part-time letter carrier, had a unique way of clearing up his work backlog. This affidavit was just filed in support of federal charges lodged against the 39-year-old Chicago man. (2 pages)

2) On a brighter note, we applaud the USPS for finally deciding to honor World War II hero Audie Murphy with a commemorative stamp. Murphy, who later became a movie star, was the war's most decorated GI. In these remarkable 1946 U.S. Army documents, two fellow soldiers recall how Second Lieutenant Murphy heroically repelled a Nazi assault near Holtzwihr, France. (6 pages)