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Soy Vey! Silverstone's Mooving Appeal

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Soy Vey! Silverstone's Mooving Appeal

Jeff Koons Amex Suit

Here's a mismatched pair:

1) We don't know about you, but TSG has been staying up nights fretting about Alicia Silverstone's calcium levels. Thankfully, as this letter shows, our concerns were unwarranted. The 24-year-old actress recently wrote to the Federal Trade Commission complaining about the "misleading claims" in the "Got Milk" advertisements. The dairy-free "Clueless" star prefers figs and leafy vegetables to the creamy white devil.(2 pages)

2) It's always nice to see that the famous can have trouble paying their bills. Take controversial artist Jeff Koons, for example. He's being sued, as these New York court records show, for nonpayment of two separate American Express tabs (one for 32k, the other for 2400 clams). (3 pages)