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Stupid Human Trick

Cops: Mother had daughter, 13, ride in box atop minivan

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Stupid Human Trick

OCTOBER 6--Meet Jackie Knott.

The Alabama woman, 37, is facing a child endangerment rap for allegedly having her teenage daughter ride in a cardboard box atop her minivan as it traveled along an highway Saturday morning.

Knott, pictured in the Albertville Police Department mug shot at left, told cops that her 13-year-old daughter Haley was serving as a human paperweight to keep the box from falling off the vehicle (as it careened down U.S. 431). While Knott explained that the box was too large to fit inside her van, it is unclear why she did not seek to simply flatten it in an effort to squeeze the box into her crowded vehicle.

When stopped by cops, Knott, a Boaz, Alabama resident, noted that "the box was tied to the van with a clothes hanger," according to a police press release. That assurance did not sway cops, who arrested Knott in the shadow of a Tyson Foods poultry processing facility, according to an October 3 police report. (3 pages)