The Thong Remains The Same

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The Thong Remains The Same

At last count, the Federal Communications Commission has received thousands of letters commenting on CBS's November 20 telecast of the racy Victoria's Secret fashion show. The majority of those, of course, criticize the show as an obscene affront, one that threatens America's children and our homeland security through the flashing of a little thong (many of the beefs were sent via coordinated campaigns by groups like the American Family Association and Concerned Women for America). As we did following last year's show, TSG filed a Freedom of Information request with the FCC for copies of all correspondence sent to the agency and its commissioners regarding the Victoria's Secret broadcast (below you'll find an assortment of letters attacking and supporting the show). While the negative missives to the FCC outnumbered the positive ones by an 6-1 margin, we've decided to provide an equal number of the letters since the positive ones are more entertaining--and TSG does not see the harm of Tyra Banks prancing about in a teddy. We've divided the correspondence into two 10-letter batches, with the positive letters going first. (20 pages)

Pages 1-10: The pro-thong throng.

Pages 11-20: Negligee naysayers.