Woman Shot In The Face (With Water Pistol)

Assailant, 40, busted for squirt attack on neighbor

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Water Pistolero

MARCH 14--A Florida Woman was arrested Saturday afternoon for allegedly shooting a neighbor in the face. With a water pistol.

According to police, Renee Bolduc, 40, was inside her residence at the King of the Road mobile home park in St. Petersburg when Nicole Hosmer, 44, walked past the property.

Bolduc, cops allege, exited her home and stood on the porch, where she “took a water gun and squirted the victim in the face.” Hosmer “never went onto the defendant’s property nor did she make any aggressive statements,” according to an arrest affidavit.

Bolduc allegedly squirted Hosmer in the face because she “was upset the victim was walking on ‘her street.’” Hosmer lives a few lots away from Bolduc at the King of the Road development.

Hosmer was not injured in the shooting.

Seen above, Bolduc was arrested for misdemeanor battery and booked into the county jail, from which she was released late Saturday after posting $500 bond. The water pistol was not seized by a sheriff’s deputy.

Last April, Bolduc sought a domestic injunction against Hosmer, alleging that she was the victim of “repeat violence.” Her petition, however, was later dismissed without the issuance of an injunction. (1 page)