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Frequently arrested Floridian cleans up his act...sorta

mug shot roundup

AUGUST 7--The Florida man who kicks off this week's mug shot roundup has been arrested four times this year (for narcotics possession and driving without a license). When he was booked the first three times, the 48-year-old perp was in desperate need of a tonsorial intervention. Which thankfully occurred prior to his most recent visit to the sheriff's office.

As for the other suspects, just two notes: 1) The enlisted man, 21, on page #4 was photographed Monday in Texas in connection with a highway obstruction conviction; and 2) The 29-year-old guy on page #8 was busted last Friday in Georgia. As for the light dusting on his face, it's likely either flour or spackle. Unless, of course, the local cops have added pieing to the booking process. (17 pages)