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Tiny Violins Playing For Terry Nichols

McVeigh sidekick reports three 2010 jail hunger strikes

Terry Nichols

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Terry Nichols Hunger Strikes

AUGUST 5--In news likely to engender little sympathy, imprisoned Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols reports that he has gone on three separate “official” hunger strikes this year to protest the food he is served by Bureau of Prisons officials.

Nichols, who paired up with Timothy McVeigh in 1995 to murder 168 people, contends that meals at the federal penitentiary in Florence, Colorado contain little soluble fiber, which has left him suffering from “chronic constipation, bleeding, hemorrhoids.”

Nichols, whose body count includes 19 children, last year filed a U.S. District Court lawsuit over the prison menu since, as a Christian, he “sincerely believes that God created mankind to consume unrefined whole-grains and living foods with its natural insoluble fiber intact to work in a synergistic way to keep Plaintiff’s body (i.e. God’s holy temple) in good health to ward off diseases.”

In a new handwritten court filing, excerpted at left, Nichols noted that he has “gone on 3 ‘official’ hunger strikes” since February. One strike resulted in the murderer “losing 25 pounds, going from 160 lbs to 135 lbs.” That protest, Nichols reported, ended with him being force fed and “requiring an I.V. solution.”

His most recent protest, in May, saw Nichols reportedly drop 35 pounds to a svelte 125 pounds. He claims that he was eventually force fed when medical personnel spent “3 hours of unsuccessful attempts…to insert an I.V.” Nichols explained, “An I.V. was not possible due to the severe dehydration of Plaintiff due to him not consuming any liquids either during his hunger strike.”

Remarkably, a federal judge recently dismissed most of the claims in the jailed-for-life Nichols’s complaint, ruling that the Bobby Sands wannabe “has no constitutional right to a diet of his choice.” (2 pages)

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Fed him Cheese and Chocolate. Then he'll crap a Kidney and bleed out. OR Putting him in General Population is a great idea. The hemorrhoids will probably get worse, but afterward he can crap a Kidney and bleed out. OR They can get those "Amadou Dialou" NYC cops to broomstick his ass. Afterward he can crap a Kidney and bleed out.
why not a dung sandwich? that will pass through him with no problem.
And yet, we get wrapped around ourselves to ensure the terrorists in Gitmo get nutritious and meticulously halal meals. Let them all eat potato pealings and corn husks. Enough fiber yet?
If he wants fiber, give him fiber. Change his diet to diesel fuel and fertilizer.
Give him the kosher meal.
turn him loose in general population, that will take care of his hemorrhoid problem
How about a diet of bread and water? Does THAT contain enough soluble fibre for you, Terry?
If the man doesn't like the food that we the taxpayers are paying for then he doesn't have to eat it. And we shouldn't have any obligation to keep this POS alive. At least McVeigh paid his tab in full by taking a bullet and ending his "right" to free lunches. Do us all a favor Terry, ask for a quick death like Timmy because no one gives a rat's ass if you eat or die from lack of eating.
Hooray to this federal judge. Someone who helps commit the ultimate civil rights violations upon 168 victims does not deserve any civil rights at all.
He kills how many innocent children in a daycare center and all he can think about is if he can take a healthy crap! Please.