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Perp Busted For Claiming He Shot Man In Hoodie

Wisconsin man nabbed for making false report to cops


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Hoodie False Threat

MARCH 30--An Wisconsin man was arrested yesterday for making a false report to cops after he claimed to have “just shot a man in a hoodie,” according to a police report.

George Ornduff, 68, was collared by Iowa City Police Department officers after he entered a Staples store last night “in an emotional and animated manner” and told employees about the purported shooting. When workers asked if he was being serious, Ornduff answered “yes,” cops reported.

After Ornduff left the Staples, officers located him near the business and began questioning him. While admitting that he had been in the store, Ornduff claimed not to remember what he told clerks. “The defendant did not shoot another person,” the police report concludes.

Ornduff was charged with making a false report to law enforcement authorities, a simple misdemeanor.

Ornduff’s reported reference to a shooting victim wearing a hoodie was an obvious allusion to Trayvon Martin, the unarmed Florida teenager who was gunned down last month by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain. (1 page)