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Charges Reduced For Sandy, Randy Beach Tryst Duo

Florida duo dodges felony rap over public assignation

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Beach Sex Duo

AUGUST 22--The amorous couple arrested for a lewd--and lengthy--tryst on a Florida beach will not be facing felony charges for their allegedly X-rated encounter on the sands of Treasure Island.

State prosecutors have reduced felony lewd and lascivious exhibition counts against Erica Huerta, 22, and Steven Perry, 23, according to court records. They now each face a misdemeanor disorderly conduct count in connection with their late-June encounter, which took place at about 7 PM in front of dozens of onlookers, including children.

Police allege that Huerta and Perry engaged in a variety of sexual activity during a 30-minute assignation that culminated with Perry putting a shirt over his head in a bid to obscure the fact that he was performing oral sex on Huerta. The defendants are pictured in the above mug shots.

Newly released police reports reveal that when cops first approached Huerta on the beach, she initially balked at providing cops with ID, “and tried to negotiate with officers. The female stated that she just wanted to lay on the beach and not be bothered.”

Witness statements reveal that the Huerta-Perry coupling was broken up by a 50-year-old Florida man who was dining with his wife at a surfside restaurant with a clear view of the sandy sex acts. David Netzorg recalled that, “The male had his hand between the female’s legs and she had her legs spread open with her knees in the air.”

Netzorg said that when the “male put his head between her legs,” he was prompted to act. Since “young children were playing nearby…I decided to intervene and walked over to the couple & told them to stop, that they were about to be arrested. They stopped immediately.” Netzorg, who studied Biblical Studies at Reformed Theological Seminary, is currently “on sabbatical from pastoring,” according to his Facebook page.

Katrina Netzorg, 34, reported that the “obviously intoxicated” couple “began making out on the beach & the man began to fondle the woman’s vagina & appeared to be actually penetrating with his hand multiple times for a 30 minute or more time span. He then got on top of her & appeared to actually pull out his penis & try to penetrate the woman many times.”

Her husband, she added, tried to wait until cops responded to the scene, but he “feared the small children on the beach were witnessing something no small child should. He walked over & told them to stop. The male got up & put on his shoes & walked off.”

Huerta and Perry are scheduled for pretrial hearings next month in Pinellas County Circuit Court. (4 pages)