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Police: Rifle Pulled During Ice Cream Beef

McDonald's workers fled when customer got gun

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Ice Cream Rage

AUGUST 17--Upon learning that a McDonald’s ice cream machine was out of order, an aggrieved drive-thru customer retrieved a replica of an AR-15 rifle from his car’s trunk, prompting terrified workers to lock themselves in the Florida restaurant’s bathroom and call 911, police report.

According to cops, a BMW driven by Michael Delhomme pulled up to the drive-thru intercom of a Delray Beach McDonald’s around 11:50 PM Sunday. Delhomme was accompanied in the car by passenger Jerry Henry, 19.

Delhomme became upset “because ice cream could not be served to him as the ice cream machine was not operational,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

After worker Devin Wright delivered the ice cream news, Henry exited the car and removed “what clearly appeared to be a long barrel firearm” from the BMW’s trunk. Wright, watching Henry via a surveillance camera, “immediately feared for his life and notified his co-workers of what he had seen.” The employees then “went into the restaurant’s bathroom to hide and call 911.”

When police arrived at the McDonald’s, Delhomme and Henry were inside the BMW at the drive-thru window. Inside the vehicle cops found an AR-15 Airsoft gun that “did not have any clear visible markings to distinguish it from an actual AR-15 rifle.”

Henry told cops that Delhomme had asked him to retrieve the “stick” from the car’s trunk following the “altercation over ice cream” with the McDonald’s worker. Henry also admitted “placing it between his legs in the front seat.”

McDonald’s surveillance video, the affidavit notes, “clearly showed Henry retrieving the firearm from the trunk.”

Pictured above, Henry was charged with improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon. Free on his own recognizance, Henry is scheduled for a September 7 arraignment on the misdemeanor charge. Delhomme was not charged. (2 pages)