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Picture This: Florida's Felonious Fogeys

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Picture This: Florida's Felonious Fogeys

When we think of pensioners in Florida, retirement communities, crates of Lipitor, and canasta tournaments naturally come to mind. It's the place where your bubby goes for early-bird specials and balmy winters.

So who could have imagined that the Sunshine State was filled with so many elderly cons, senior citizens who haven't let advanced age get in the way of committing serious crimes. Here are some of the offenses for which those pictured in the following mug shots have been convicted: cocaine trafficking; grand theft; gun possession; aggravated assault; auto theft; fraud; sexual battery; child abuse; witness intimidation; and drunk driving.

So the next time you're in South Beach and some old woman asks for help crossing the street, don't be surprised if grandma jams a .22 in your ribs and announces a stickup. Just another thing for those unsuspecting German tourists to worry about.

Click here for a gallery of guilty geezers.

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