New York's Lascivious License Plates

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New York's Lascivious License Plates

Larry Flynt Comics

A couple weeks back, TSG posted a list of license plates outlawed by the state of Florida (you know, like MUFDYVR and FJACKIE). Well, compared to New York, the Sunshine State is strictly amateur hour. Here's what New York's Department of Motor Vehicles calls its "red list," plates rejected in the Empire State. Until we got this via a Freedom of Information Act request, TSG never realized our state's motorists were so darn clever. In fact, the risque messages on some of the barred plates were written backwards and intended for the rear view mirror amusement of fellow drivers. Sadly, such brilliance was thwarted by the DMV's blue pencil pushers. (9 pages)

You can almost see Dennis the Menace blushing on the black and white pages of the New York Post's comics section. That's because this week (April 2-4), Dennis's panel is sitting squarely next to a strip profiling Larry Flynt. That's right, America's chief pornographer featured on the funny pages. Flynt is the subject of this week's three-part Biografix strip,which focuses on well-known figures (Bobby Knight and George S. Patton have recently been profiled). While Dennis, 5, has enjoyed playing dress up and musing about birds this week, Biografix has reported on Flynt's early days as a strip club operator, his founding of Hustler magazine, and the 1978 shooting that left him paralyzed. (1 page)

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