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Hot Tub Frolic Ends In Arrest Of Gay Threesome

Assault occurred over who was highest paid escort

Hot Tub

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Gay Escort Assault

NOVEMBER 30--After partying together at a gay bar, a trio of men returned early this morning to a South Carolina home where they got into a hot tub and began “kissing and touching each other,” a threesome that was derailed when two of the men began fighting over which one of them was the highest paid escort, according to cops.

As detailed in a sheriff’s report, Austin Adams, 18, and Michael Gordon, 33, went together to a Spartanburg nightclub, where they met Douglas Tench, 21. Tench, seen at right, told a deputy that he had “come down from Charlotte to go to a gay club in Spartanburg.”

After drinking alcoholic beverages at the bar, Tench agreed to leave with Adams and Gordon. The trio proceeded to a residence in Boiling Springs where Gordon is dog sitting for the home's owner. While at the property, a deputy reported, the men “enjoyed each others company” in a hot tub on the back deck.

Gordon told an investigator that he and Adams “decided together to bring Tench back from the bar.” He added that the men subsequently “were in the hot tub together kissing and touching each other.” Gordon (left) and Adams are pictured below.

The group’s bubbly 1:30 AM frolicking, however, ended when Adams and Tench began to bicker.

Adams told a deputy that he “lost control” when Tench “stated he got paid more for his escort services than Adams.” Adams reportedly admitted striking Tench with his hands and feet while they were in the hot tub. Tench ran from the hot tub to a house across the street, where he called a friend who, in turn, dialed 911.

After confessing to assaulting Tench, Adams asked the deputy to “just arrest him and get it done with,” according to the report.

Adams was collared for simple assault, while Gordon and Tench were both busted for providing alcohol to a minor. Each man was transported to the county jail, where they were booked on the misdemeanor counts.

All three defendants “stated that they had been drinking,” according to the report, which consistently refers to the hot tub as a “hot tube.” (1 page)