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Couple In Cuffs After Facebook Defriending

Floridians busted after violent, antisocial networking


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Facebook Defriending

MARCH 1--A violent domestic dispute was ignited when a Florida woman “un-friended” her beau on Facebook and changed her relationship status on the popular social networking site, according to police.

The altercation Saturday between Thomas Gannon and Tina Cash reportedly began when Gannon confronted his girlfriend about the updates on her Facebook page, according to a Hernando County Sheriff's Office report. In short order, household items and fists began flying. Gannon, hit with a picture frame, suffered a laceration under his right eye.

Gannon, 35, and Cash, 31, are pictured in the above mug shots. They were each busted for misdemeanor domestic battery and briefly booked into the county jail.

Cash’s Facebook page today lists 223 friends. Gannon’s name is not among them. (2 pages)

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Sooo I guess this means she is available. Sending out my friend request now.
As part of her sentence, she should be required to use that mugshot as her Facebook profile picture.
Another win for Facebook in their quest to connect people and then sit back and watch the fun when those people un-friend each other. I wonder if Zuckerberg is keeping score. Hey, Facebook users.....feeling used yet?
Those two have the potential to be major league baseball players. They know how to throw and how to get arrested. Sign 'em up boys.