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CCTV Camera Key In Boston Bomb Investigation

Security video reportedly helps probers identify plotter

Boston Marathon bomb

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Lord & Taylor Camera

APRIL 17--The surveillance camera that reportedly captured a suspect placing an explosive device near the Boston Marathon finish line is mounted at the roofline of a department store directly across the street from where the second bomb exploded Monday afternoon.

The dome camera is attached to a small arm protruding from the southeast corner of the Lord & Taylor store at 760 Boylston Street.

The surveillance camera can be seen in a prior Google street view image and a photo taken Monday during the race.

The second bomb exploded in front of the Forum restaurant at 755 Boylston Street, about 12 seconds after the initial explosion occurred steps from the finish line at Copley Square.

According to today’s fluid press reports, investigators believe they have identified a male suspect based on a review of security footage from the Lord & Taylor camera.  The suspect is reportedly seen carrying--and apparently dropping--a black backpack outside the restaurant.

According to federal agents, the bombs were contained in pressure cookers that were likely placed inside backpacks. (2 pages)