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Wrestlers Busted For Locker Room Harassment

Cops: H.S. quartet tormented 15-year-old teammate


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H.S. Wrestlers Charged

MAY 27--A quartet of high school wrestlers from Wisconsin’s state championship team is facing criminal charges for allegedly sexually harassing a fellow grappler in the squad’s locker room.

A 15-year-old boy told cops about his Lincoln High School teammates “dancing around him while they are naked, swinging their penises at him,” according to a criminal complaint based on an investigation by Wisconsin Rapids Police Department officers.

The freshman wrestler told cops that he was harassed “about five to ten times” during the season, and that “during some of those occasions he was hit by each of their penises on his leg.” Additionally, he told of one incident in the shower when a teammate “placed his penis on [victim’s] butt.” The boy added that he “could not get away because he was boxed in by two other wrestlers.”

On another occasion, the victim said that he “had to climb into a locker” to prevent being hit in the face by the penis of another wrestler.

Investigators learned of the alleged harassment after the boy’s mother contacted the school’s principal to report that her son did not want to go to the team banquet “because of the sexual harassment he was receiving.”

Police interviewed six witnesses who confirmed aspects of the boy’s account of his abuse. As a result, the four wrestlers were charged this week with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, according to the complaint filed in Wood County Circuit Court.

The defendants are Zachary Benitz, 18; Kasey Einerson, 17; Rylan Lubeck, 17; and Devin Peterson, 17. Benitiz’s father is coach of the school’s wrestling team, which this year won its 20th team state championship. Benitz, Einerson, Lubeck, and Peterson are pictured, clockwise from upper left, in the above photos. (3 pages)

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Thats what I said what they did to that kid was Sexual Assault who knows maybe the cop was a past member of that wrestling team. Someone with power in that town had to step in to get the lower charges
They may locally get a slap on the wrist for trying to rape a guy numerous times but now they'll be known as international f*ggots. I hope no girl plans to waste her future with one of these homos because it'll be a miserable life. And the story is still pretty new. Just wait until all these disabled groups find out. Those 4 should have kept their BS as a f*g foursome behind closed doors but now everyone knows their little secrets.
See, we now have a name for these four upstanding citizens: The F*gtastic Four!
Bullying anyone for any reason is not cool. When I was on the high school wrestling team there was a certain amount of hazing on the new guys. But it involved maybe filling a guys locker with shaving cream or at the most a little linoment in the jockstrap. These guys were way out of line.
After reading the police report these guy are even worse they also were grabing other wrestlers private areas as the came out of the showers and swating there private areas with towels these morons are creeps with a thing for penises. where is the coach when all this is happening watching and getting off on it? come on wisconsin rapids PD charge these four perverts with sexual assualt touching a persons privates with out there premission is sexual assualt what is it because there jocks and won state you went for the lesser charge? give these guys what they should get if they think they can get away with it it's only gonna get worse for innocent others who have to deal with these perverts in the future
This is quite a deal in Wisconsin Rapids. Take a look at their hometown newspaper and read the comments on the story. Also - if you took time to read the 3-page document here, you would see that the victim allegedly has a hearing problem and talks "funny." 40 years ago when I was in high school, guys would use their towels to snap the scrotums of other guys in the shower. Sometimes it would cause bleeding. The instructor stayed in his office, but if found out - he swatted the culprits with a wooden paddle. They then would have to wear their red, paddle-shaped brand in the shower and were laughed at. But in the "end" they got the last laugh. The instructor let them sign his paddle. Come to think of it, he was a weird instructor. At the beginning of 9th grade P.E. we would scramble to get our gym clothes on. Once he blew his whistle - we would have to stand at attention, clothed, partially-clothed, or naked until he passed by. Got a feeling he would not get by with that today.
Is it in the paper or police reoprt that states he has a hearing problem and talks funny i read the police report and could not find it
Police Report: Page Three, Paragraph 7
I bet not one of those punks has the guts to comment on here takes 4 of them to bully one kid thats cause they can't make up there own minds they would not no how to there parents and coach do it for them. Come on Guys ya got the nut lets hear what you have to say.
I'm sure their lawyers have strongly advised them to refrain from commenting or discussing the case.
Yes iam sure they are but it does not change the fact that all 4 of them are cowards. The victim should hire a Lawyer and sue the punks their parents the school and the school board.
"Misdemeanor disorderly conduct"? Swinging your cock around in the locker room and rubbing it on your victim's ass isn't Sexual Harassment? Tell you what, it's certainly a little bit GAY...
Amazingly enough a teacher or coach was not involved.
Wait... WOOD County?? Bwaahahaha! To their defenders, every guy has known closeted jocks like this that like to pick on "***" by going all out homo on them b/c they're too STUPID to realize they're betraying their urges. We all known what happens to these guys when they grow up, GAY PORN or POLICE. That's why they're only charged with a misdemeanor, the cops understand their "harmless fun".
So, could you say that they are proven dick-heads?
Bunch of closet cases.
Wow, you guys are really going over the top with your comments. I am assuming none of you played any sports in high school. Were their actions disgusting? Absolutely, but to call these guys sexual predators and terrible fathers is ridiculous. This was a case where immature teenagers took the bullying and hazing thing too far. It's pretty sick but settle down with your crazy remarks.
i agree
Yes I did play sports in high school but we did not corner some poor kid and dance around them naked and touch them with our penises thats beyond going to far these guys should have been charged with Bulling and sexual assualt touching someone with your penis when that person does not want it is a form of sexual assualt. But wait it's ok cause they won state and boys will be boys
If I were the guy, I'd take it a step further. You know how most high school male athletes are whores - I'd publicly demand all 4 of these "men" get VD tests. All it takes is some contact to spread certain VD and they should take responsibility for that too.
I agree that they are going over the top. I know personally how hard the wrestlers work and that some of them even starve themselves to make it to state,. Yes the boys were wrong for what they did, but they are still boys who were under a lot of pressure at the time to win at state again! I know the boys personally and they are not gay! Nor are they the monsters that some people are making them out to be! Not to mention they haven't even been proven guilty of any crime!
Yeah, I have to agree there, I can't count the number of times I've seen people so stressed at work because of the pressure that they started dropping their trousers and swinging their units against people they didn't like. In fact, I'm amazed that air traffic controllers, surgeons, jr. high teachers, and policemen can keep their pants on anymore. By the way, that first guy looks kinda like John Cena. Well, a John Cena leading his gay bully posse, anyway.
You're so full of shiat it's running out of your mouth.
So all those who watched them do this are lying there guilty and you know these creeps they were under pressure what about the kid they were harassing this could mess him up for life but that's ok cause they were under pressure.There just punks who like to pick on the little guy.What goes around comes around they will each have there day let it be harsh they need a learn how to behave
Sticking your penis in another guys butt makes you gay...don't even try to justify it!!!!
Thank you! Just another pedophile enabler/excuser defending future registered sex offenders. Probably a boy ***er himself, like most grown men into high school rassling. You can bet these boys run their mouths about gay people round the clock while playing d*ck-games with each other and trying to molest younger male students. The blonde on the bottom right must be a Belieber - the wannabe hairdo gives away that f*g, I mean fact. It's even more ***ed up that "straight" men are the ones into all-male hazing and their sh*t gets blamed at the gay community. Gay people aren't trashy closet homos like these 4.
I think the blond on the bottom right is REALLY HOT! I wish he'd touch me with his penis! LMAO!
You got it nailed!
Wow. So in your opinion, sticking your cock in another guys ass *isn't* gay? Really?
"What are you talking about, troll? We squat together, we spot each other on the workout mat, and we play grab-ass in the showers. How is that gay?" - Derrick Blank from Strangers With Candy the movie
ATTN ALL SEXUAL PREDATORS In Wisconsin you can sexually harass underage boys (including sticking your member in their face and on their ass) and face misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Even with witnesses. 2 of those guys look TOTALLY gay. Including the one with his "beard" Hooters headband.
These kinds of creeps are going to be making the most amazing fathers and husbands all across the USA, don'tchya think? Great job ladies, giving these losers anything more than the time of day, let alone dating/marrying them!
Yes I think they will be good husbands and fathers some day. Those boys work 24/7 all year to make it to and win state. They are hard working and disciplined young men. They've been charged with a crime. They haven't been convicted of anything!
Oh, okay then! Hold up! Since they are so hard working and disciplined....Give me a break. They are spoiled, indulged punks who work hard at bullying younger, challenged students. Let me're a girlfriend or mother of one of these jerks. So if someone 'works hard' to make it to State, then they should be allowed to behave however they want to? Do you honestly believe that 7 plus kids on that team all got together, along with the victims mother, and decided it would be great fun to make up some fantastical lie?'s a conspiracy. Get your head out of your as*.
Adolph Hitler "worked hard to win state" too.
Yeah and just think of all the stories they can tell there kids about what they did in high school so they can carry on and do what dad did to make him proud
So then it's ok to do what they did to that kid cause there jocks? If it was say a stoner or hoodie maybe even a 4.0 would you be saying the same about them no wait they did not win state.
Get your d*ck off my bong dude...
Sarah Palin?
Hard playing with other men's schlongs and butts. Maybe those 4 can pay their court costs making gay porn. There's lots of closet cases in THAT business!
This only goes to prove that Wrestlers are homo's they roll around a mat with other males just love that close male to male contact and now this dancing nude shaking there penises at a fellow wrestler what followed a circle s***
Your obviously under the age of intelligent
Oh your a Liberal so lets see those guys did what they did because?
I was a wrestler in High School and I find your homo comment pretty offensive. A lot of the elite MMA fighters started as wrestlers. I am sure you would not make that comment to Brock Lesnar or any of the other guys that got their start in High School wrestling.
Brock Lesnar has messed up his health so bad roiding that in the near furture he won't be able to beat even you. And did you and your mat rolling buddies torment smaller guys on the team with your penises have circle jerks and things like that?
Brock Lesnar has Diverticulitis it has nothing to do with steroids. Plus he is 6' 3" and his walk around weight is 280lbs. Cain Velasquez the current UFC heavyweight champ was all amercan college wrestler. Shane Carwin was wrestler. A lot of the elite MMA fighter have some wrestling it their background No, I never trageted a smaller guy and no, I never waved my penis at any teammate. We did haze some of the new guys. Nothing major and once you made the team nobody ever picked on you. Sports with a lot of physical contact are not for everyone and if it's not your thing so be it. But just because it wasn't for you doesn't make all wrestlers "homo" as you put it.
Then why was there roids in his system when he was tested? And yes placing your penis on someones butt grabing at other wrestlers privates is gay read the police report it's all in there. I play football for a major Div-1 program Iam 6' 4" and my walk around weight is 275 and let me tell you know one in our locker room plays with each others privates and i don't care about MMA fighters were talking about 4 high school wrestlers who are way out of line.
Start wearing your helmet more practice then "big man." We were not talking about the 4 high school wrestlers. I never said they were in the right. I was calling you out for calling all wrestlers "homos." I was using MMA fighters to illustrate that many high school wrestlers turned out to be pretty tough dudes. I seriously doubt you are that big and are a football player. You are probably some little pencil neck geek who gets off playing "big man" on the computer. This will be my last comment to you because you are obviously a fool and I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man. Good Day...I said Good Day (said in my best Fez voice.) PS UFC tests fighters and Lesnar never tested positive for steroids. I figure you know that since you made it up...along with your "big man" stats.College students usually can spell : post #1 Homo's should nt be possessive it Homos. Last comment:scholl is spelled school, grabbing is spelled with two bs, know one? really you must mean no one or nobody. I is capitalized always.LOL kids these days.
Talk about spelling you said grabbing is spelled with two bs know one? that should be to b's not one talk about calling the kettle black LOL Wrestlers these days. You are probably a pencil penis geek and I bet your one of those four penis wavers. Who is pissed off cause nobody but a few other Homo's are on your side.
I personally the 4 and the victim. The victim did have a hearing disablility. And surprise surprise, one of the 4 had gotten in trouble with the principal for tearing down signs at school. The signs were for respecting people with disabilities or hadicaps.