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Tuxedoed Man Fired Shot When Tryst Interrupted

Perp, 64, got angry when public servicing ceased


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Man In Tux Shoots Gun

AUGUST 27--A tuxedoed Seattle man was arrested early yesterday after he fired a gun at a couple who accidentally interrupted him while he was being pleasured by a woman in an alcove in the city’s nightlife district, cops report.

The couple told cops that they were walking on a downtown street after 2 AM when they happened upon Paul Hunter, 64, receiving oral sex from a woman. After being spotted by the duo, the woman “immediately left,” according to a Seattle Police Department report.

Hunter, police report, “got angry and started walking away northbound.” But after about half-a-block, he “turned around, pointed his gun at them” and fired a shot at the couple. “I’m going to kill you,” Hunter said, according to the victims.

Responding to a 911 call about a firearm being discharged, cops searched for a male suspect described as “older, wearing a tuxedo and having white hair.” With their weapons drawn, officers quickly apprehended Hunter, who had a loaded 9mm handgun tucked in the waistband of his pants. Hunter declined to speak with police.

A witness who lives near the alcove where Hunter was interrupted, said that he heard Hunter yelling at his female companion prior to the shooting. Cops noted that the witness recalled Hunter saying that he “had given the woman money and was angry at not getting anything in return. He heard them continue to talk about stepping into the alcove to finish things.”

The witness told investigators that while Hunter and the unidentified woman “were standing there, the victims rounded the corner and interrupted Hunter and the woman in what they were doing.” As Hunter walked away, the witness added, he turned and fired a single shot (which did not strike the victims).

Charged with felony assault, Hunter--whom cops described as "highly intoxicated"--was booked into the King County jail, where he is being held without bail. (3 pages)