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Cops Hunt Man Caught Watching Women Trysting

Couple having sex noticed a stranger in their bedroom


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Santa Fe Voyeur

MAY 30--New Mexico cops are searching for a voyeur who watched two young women having sex after reportedly hearing the couple trysting from outside their Santa Fe residence.

Police report that the peeping Tom entered the apartment through an unlocked door around 1:30 AM Wednesday. He proceeded to a bedroom where Maya Mascarenas, 23, and Ashley Willis, 19, were “engaged in sexual intercourse,” according to a Santa Fe Police Department report.

At some point, the women realized that a stranger was watching them.

“My girlfriend and I were having sex in my bedroom when I look up and notice a man,” Willis wrote in a police statement. “I asked what he was doing, he said he heard us and had just been watching.” Mascarenas noted, “He said he heard us from outside and came inside to watch. We don’t know how long he was there.”

Mascarenas (left) and Willis--both of whom work at Starbucks--are pictured above.

Willis told investigators that she pushed the man out of her room and “all the way out of my house, yelling at him to get out.” The voyeur left without saying anything further, added Willis, who noted that she “slammed and locked the door behind him.”

Willis described the suspect as a male Hispanic, about 5’ 6” tall, and weighing between 175 and 200 pounds. Willis also reported that the unshaven man was between 35 and 45 years old, had short brown hair, and acne scars.

In an interview with TV station KOAT, Willis said that she believed the voyeur was expecting to be invited to join the women in bed. The suspect, who remains at large, could face voyeurism, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct charges, police report. (3 pages)