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Cops: Amateur Surgeons Busted For Castration

Procedure was performed in "oilfield bunk house"

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Okie Surgeons

OCTOBER 23--Two Oklahoma men are behind bars after allegedly performing “unlicensed gender reassignment surgery” on a male victim who told cops he met one of the defendants during online research about castration, according to court records.

Investigators charge that Bob Lee Allen, 53, used scalpels to remove the 28-year-old victim’s scrotum and testicles during a procedure earlier this month at a residence in Wister, a town in eastern Oklahoma. Allen allegedly was assisted during the procedure by Thomas Evans Gates, 42.

Cops learned of the castration when the victim, who had traveled from his home in Virginia earlier this month, went to a hospital seeking treatment.

The victim told police that he met Allen on the Eunuchmaker web site and that the amateur surgeon claimed 15 years experience. The October 12 procedure--for which Allen did not charge--was performed atop a “make shift table” in Allen’s home, which cops described in a probable cause affidavit as a small “oilfield bunk house.”

The victim, who was awake during the two-hour castration, said Allen had injected him with an anesthetic “in the needed areas” prior to surgery. When the procedure was done, “Allen said that he was going to consume the parts and laughed and said that he was a cannibal,” the victim recalled.

Allen, the victim said, claimed to have “six more clients on the way to have the same operation,” and that he “had a freezer with body parts.” Allen also recounted an incident “where he worked on someone that he described as crazy and that he left the male opened up to die overnight.”

The morning after the castration, the victim woke up with “a lot of bleeding” and called out for help to Allen, who reportedly replied, “No ER, no morgue.” After finally agreeing to drive the victim to a local hospital, Allen allegedly warned the man that if he passed out or died en route, his body would be dumped in the woods.

Additionally, “Allen told him that if anyone ask he done it to himself,” the affidavit states.

Allen and Gates were arrested on October 15 when they arrived at the hospital where the victim was recuperating. During a search that day of Allen’s home, cops seized an assortment of narcotics and medical utensils. They also noted that a bedroom had a “deep freeze that contained a plastic zip lock bag with what appeared to be testicles.”

Pictured above, Allen (left) and Gates have been charged with an assortment of felony and misdemeanor charges in connection with the unlicensed surgery, which resulted in the “permanent disfigurement” of the victim. Both men are locked up on $295,000 bond, and are scheduled today for a District Court hearing. (3 pages)