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Cops: Woman Raped By Father She Just Met

Victim assaulted on visit to biological kin

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Family Battery

MAY 8--A woman who traveled to Florida to meet her biological father after learning his identity and connecting with him via social media was sexually assaulted by the man, who is now jailed on incest and battery charges, according to criminal complaints.

On May 1, cops arrested Ronald Antinore, 53, and charged him with assaulting the woman. Responding to a “be on the lookout” notice, Clearwater cops took Antinore into custody after stopping his vehicle.

Seen at right, Antinore is being held on bonds totaling $302,150. In addition to felony sexual battery and incest counts, Antinore was hit with a misdemeanor charge after drug paraphernalia was found in his auto.

Antinore has pleaded not guilty to the charges, and a judge has ordered him to have no contact with the victim, court records show.

Police say that the woman, who “was given up for adoption as an infant,” went to Florida to meet Antinore “after learning of his identity and connecting with him on social media platforms,” according to court filings.

As alleged by police, the attack occurred in August 2021 at a Clarion Inn & Suites in Clearwater Beach. Court filings do not indicate why 21 months passed before Antinore was arrested.

Antinore and the woman, cops say, spent a day together and “consumed alcoholic beverages” before returning to a “hotel room the defendant had secured for the victim.” While inside the room, the victim told police, she and Antinore “did acid.”

When the drug took effect, the woman “became physically unable to resist” Antinore, who engaged in a series of sexual acts while “she was laying on the bed,” according to a criminal complaint.

The victim, cops say, was eventually “able to flee from the bed to the bathroom where she immediately contacted her boyfriend and told him what had happened.” The man then called the hotel’s front desk and “requested they send help to the room.”

When a security guard arrived at the room, Antinore, cops say, “became alarmed and fled the area.”

During a post-Miranda interview, Antinore reportedly “made incriminating statements as to what had taken place between himself and the victim.” The complaint does not indicate whether the interview occurred in 2021 or after Antinore was arrested this week.

While court and jail records list Antinore’s residence as a Smiths Station, Alabama home owned by his parents, he appears to have been living in a Tampa rental at the time of his arrest.

According to his social media accounts, Antinore owns a restaurant consulting business and co-hosts an online food review program (for which he uses the handle “Johnny Hops”). Antinore has also worked as a “professional wrestling manager” under the name “Ron Ratcatcher.” (2 pages)