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Man Admits Pooping On Market Scanner

Tipsy perp, 23, soiled checkout counter at Kroger

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Kroger Poop Plea

JULY 27--An Ohio man has been convicted of stripping naked and defecating on a self-checkout scanner at a Kroger supermarket, according to court records.

During a Municipal Court appearance last Monday, Colin Murphy, 23, copped to public indecency and disorderly conduct charges stemming from the repulsive episode in late-May at a Kroger near his home in Cincinnati.

Murphy, seen at right, was sentenced to 30 days in jail, though Judge William Mallory suspended execution of the sentence and placed Murphy on probation for two years.

Additionally, Murphy was ordered to pay about $400 in fines and court costs.

Murphy is also subject to a court-issued stay away order barring him from the Kroger premises.

As detailed in misdemeanor criminal complaints, Murphy entered the supermarket on May 29 and “stripped naked” in front of a male employee. Murphy, cops reported, smelled of booze, was unsteady on his feet, and had slurred speech.

Upon disrobing, Murphy “defecated on U-Scan it.” (2 pages)